Socially Sustainable Manufacturing

Welcome to our studio, located in Lima, Perú

Our Studio Has A Story

This is our factory, our family of artisans, designers and makers, and our manufacturing process

Our own atelier studio

Hand made in Perú

Our manufacturing processes are based in one small factory only, owned by us, located in Lima, Perú.

Since Port Zienna does not outsource or rely on third parties, we are able to closely monitor our practices to ensure they remain wholly ethical. Therefore, we can ensure our employees are treated with dignity and respect. 

Our Family

Safe, Healthy, and Fair Working Environment

These are the women behind the clothes we make, and we put them first because they are our family.

In today's world of fashion, companies tend to produce high volumes of low-priced clothing at the expense of their workers, causing garment workers subject to terrible conditions.

This is the main reason why we built our own factory in Lima, Perú. Our goal is to create a socially sustainable manufacturing process. We believe every brand in the fashion industry should be responsible to create a safe, healthy, and fair working environment for our teams, artisans, designers and makers.


Draping, Pattern Making, Cut, Sew and Finish

At our studio, we use traditional design methods during our creative process. We begin by creating an inspiration book every season, followed by hand made sketches and draping fabric on mannequins.

Once the design is finalized, we proceed with our samples. First we develop the pattern making, cut the fabrics and conclude on the assembly of the garment. Once is finished, we pressed and packed for shipment.

The next stage involves the beginning of production, grading of pattern making for different sizes and continuing the above process for larger quantities.

Our Facilities

More Opportunities

When Port Zienna's production is not at the highest peak, we ask our team to focus on other clients as well. We believe this gives our family of artisans and makers more opportunities to work, therefore to earn a little bit more of money on the side.

We give our team the approval to use our facilities for other projects. This settlement makes them happy, which makes us more happy for them. We are all helping each other out, and this is extremely valuable to us.


Polaroid Archives

We document all of Port Zienna's creative and manufacturing process, through polaroids.

Explore photographs from our draping techniques, our studio's sneak peeks, and some behind the scenes.


Learn About Our Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Port Zienna garments are made primarily from sustainable fabrics. 
We consistently offer the best quality we can possibly find, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.