Port Zienna dares to stand apart and be an ethical producer

We are a ready-to-wear label driven by creating luxurious products with a positive social and environmental impact

These are the core values we stand for—we practice them every day, in everything we do.

For us, it’s all about transparency—and the values we share with you

In today’s world of fast fashion, companies tend to produce high volumes of low-priced clothing at the expense of their workers and the environment.
Port Zienna dares to stand apart and be an ethical producer.

Radical Transparency

Commitment to Transparency

Port Zienna is a ready-to-wear label that is driven by creating luxurious products with a positive social and environmental impact. We are based in New York, with manufacturing facilities in Perú.

Our founder documents all of Port Zienna's creative and manufacturing process herself, through polaroids.


Socially Sustainable Manufacturing

Port Zienna does not outsource or rely on third parties, therefore we are able to closely monitor our practices to ensure they remain wholly ethical, assuring our employees are treated with dignity and respect.


Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Port Zienna garments are made primarily from sustainable fabrics. We consistently offer the best quality we can possibly find, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. We never use leather, exotic skins, feathers or fur in our collections.

Our mission is to source only the finest eco-friendly fabrics, such as certified 100% Organic Cotton and Baby Alpaca from Perú, Cupro, Linen, Lyocell, Modal and Tencel from Japan.

One Collection a Year

Quality Over Quantity

At Port Zienna, we want to you to cherish your pieces forever, as they will always remain in style.

We create timeless pieces without following trends, while providing high-quality materials and construction.

In addition to quality, we are committed to produce less in order to create less waste for the environment. On average, retailers produce six to eight collections a year, we produce only one, focusing on quality over quantity.

Reducing environmental impact and ecological footprint

Sustainable Packaging

Our boxes are not just 100% recycled - they are made from 95% post-consumer content. We pack your pieces with love, safely wrapped in 100% recycled white tissue paper.

For wholesale orders, our clear bags are made from 100% recycled content, printed with a Suffocation Warning to meet Amazon FBA and municipal requirements.

All of our packaging is made from recycled materials, made in the U.S.A.

At the end of the day, we want you to become a conscious consumer

Please, buy fewer items, but of higher quality to build a wardrobe that lasts in order to share with your future generations.