What does sustainability mean to us?


Transparency with you, a socially sustainable factory and sustainable fabrics.

In today’s world of fast fashion, companies tend to produce high volumes of low-priced clothing at the expense of their workers and the environment. Port Zienna dares to stand apart and be an ethical producer.

Sustainability to us means to provide a healthy work environment, steady income and flexibility to employees while using the best quality of sustainable fabrics, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.
To explain it better, here are the core tenets that guide us everyday:

  1. Commitment to transparency
    We offer fair wages and ethical working conditions, ensuring our employees are treated with dignity and respect. To us is all about transparency, with our family of makers, artisans and with you, our loyal customer.

  2. Socially sustainable factory

    Our goal is to support the well-being of our family of artisans, designers and makers. Toward this end, we provide a healthy work environment, steady income and flexibility for all our employees. We are also able to closely monitor our practices to ensure they remain wholly ethical, since Port Zienna does not outsource or rely on third parties. Rather, all our manufacturing processes are based in one factory, located in Perú. 

  3. Environmentally friendly fabrics

    Port Zienna garments are made primarily from sustainable fabrics. We consistently offer the best quality we can possibly find, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. We never use leather, exotic skins, feathers or fur in our collections. Port Zienna sources only the finest eco-friendly materials, such as certified organic cotton (from Perú and Turkey), cupro, linen, lyocell, Modal (from Japan) and Tencel.

Here are some extra tips on how to become a conscious consumer and to share our values:

- Invest in clothing that is made from sustainably sourced materials.

- Buy fewer items, but of higher quality to build a wardrobe that lasts.

- Support our community of independent designers.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Team Port Zienna

Polaroids from the Port Zienna Studio - Perú

Polaroids from the Port Zienna Studio - Perú