Designed and draped for all who value time and taste.


Port Zienna emerged from the draping tradition of the runway to create a ready-to-wear line of uniquely contoured clothing.

In haute couture, draping is a technique for hand-sculpting fabrics directly on a dress form, resulting in garments that are imbued with the designer's unique sense of style and experimentation.


Our creative process:


01 — Inspiration

We begin each season with our inspiration process, which involves making a design journal filled with select images of architecture, design and even art installations from some of today’s most world-renowed artists, such as Richard Serra or Troels Sandegård. We aim not only for the realization of aesthetic ideals, but also for the expression of power and strength.



02 — Draping

Once we find our inspiration, the process of sketching and draping can begin. Muslin fabric is used to drape the first samples directly on a dress form, as in traditional haute couture. Unlike a regular garment manufacturer, we save the pattern-making process for last. This gives us the freedom to make changes as we follow the texture of the fabric to create innovative designs. 



03 — Sewing

As soon as the draping samples have been pinned into shape on the dress form, we sew them together by hand and machine; some pieces are sewn only on the sides or the center back, depending on the design. We do this for each piece until we have finalized our entire collection.



04 — Pattern making

At last we create the patterns for each piece. We unstitch the muslin samples and proceed with the markings. Once that is completed, we cut out the pattern shapes from our eco-friendly fabrics and assemble them together, creating the final pieces.



Port Zienna garments are designed in New York but manufactured in our founder’s home country of Peru, where our goal is to strengthen the communities by working sustainably with them.